Monitor your Proxmox Virtual Environment


Proxsy is a mobile application available on iOS devices that allow you to monitor your Proxmox Virtual Environment. If you have multiple instances, you can add them and choose which one you want to monitor at the startup of the app !

Qemu & LXC support

Have an overview of Qemu virtual machines & LXC containers. Get information about CPU, RAM and Network usage. You can also decide to start/stop them directly from the app.

VNC console

A VNC console is also avaible !
It allow you to  take the control of your VM and containers directly from the mobile.

Storage list

Get a list of storages on your PVE and the free space for each of them.


Get all recent tasks of your PVE and check the status & output for each of them.

Host monitoring

Get information and the state of your host(s).
You can also reboot or shutdown from the app.
(Clusters are supported)

Multiple instances & 2FA

You can have multiple instances with the app.
Two-Factor Authentication (TOTP) is also supported.

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