Trust SSL certificate on iOS

If the have not access to the VNC Console it’s possible that your SSL certificate is not valid. The steps bellow explain how to trust an SSL certificate on your iOS device.

Get the certificate of your Proxmox VE on your device (default location at /etc/pve/pve-root-ca.pem or /etc/pve-root-ca.pem). You can do it manually or use this iOS Shortcut to get it directly from your device (iOS shortcut app and SSH access are required)

Setup the profile (1/2): If you’ve used the iOS shortcut, the certificate is stored on the location you choosed on the File app. Open it and follow the instructions to install it on your device.

Setup the profile (2/2): Go to Settings –> Profile Downloaded and install the corresponding profile. Then, you should get something like this:

Enable full trust: The last thing to do is to enable full trust of the certificate on the trust store. Go to Settings –> General –> About –> Certificate Trust Settings and trust it. You should have:

When these two validation steps are done, the certificate is trusted. You can restart Proxsy and you will have access to the VNC Console.